BDSM On request

Inspired by the BDSM techniques, the Bondage massage traces its root in Japan, but long ago started to conquer also Northern Europe, Germany, Czech Republic, England and France; this treatment is received on a massage traditional mattress, the receiver is blindfolded and tied with ropes around hands and feet: this kind of ‘constraint’ allow the receiver to completely abandon him/herself to the therapists and thus to release all type of stress.

The massage covers the entire body, starting softly with feathers and then vigorously with crops and metals accessories; once the receiver is completely relaxed, the masseuse will start an energetic massage with warm oil, from the legs to the back and gluteus, carrying on with anus stimulation, internal and external to stimulated PS point for women and prostate for men, giving a great psychophysical benefit to the receiver. Once completed the backside, the receiver is turned and tied again, the massage carries on with crops and then with hands.

The massage is an energetic and sensual ritual, the BDSM techniques are soft ones, Pissing and Face-sitting are not used, hurts, cuts, perforation or strong BDSM elements are excluded; it’s a massage that can be received by everyone and recommended to all those who would meet the BDSM world slowly and with sensual approach.

200,00 Euro 60 minuti

Centro Massaggi Verona
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