Massaggio Lingam

Lingam Massage for HIM- manual skills performed on the first chakra.
Lingam is the sanskrit word to define the male sexual organ and is freely translated as a "Wand of Light". They are the channels of creative energy and pleasure. Through a loving approach to Lingam your pleasure can be intensified and your sexual problems improved... The massage begins with a ritual. Massage will start from thr feet to the rest of the body with different massage techniques. Then you can enjoy the touch of Lingam, wich surprise in the variety of sensations,you will feel strength and intensity. The sequence of this massage is the supreme art of touching, sailing on the waves of feeling... You will feel an intense warmth on your skin and the depth of your most intimate spirituality. You will feel new sensations of a Tantric pleasure. It will be possible to open your mind by learning to expand your sexual horizon. Lingam massage also includes prostate massage.
The art of Tantra teaches that there are many nerve endings on the Lingam, that correspond to other body parts. The Lingam massage allows a man to experience a form of pleasure to which he is not accustomed normally. A sweet experience that will make you more receptive and a pleasure experience from a new perspective.

150,00 Euro 60 minuti

Centro Massaggi Verona
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