Tantra 5 Elements

The massage of 5 Elements. Rebalance your life force. As in nature resides in us a micro cosmos where everything moves between the different bodies of here we are made: Physical body, Etheric body, Astral body, Random body the iF. In turn governed by the force of nature that is outside and inside us, the 5 Elements. ETHER, AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE...

When we find ourselves in imbalance we feel uncomfortable, tired and we don´t feel integral between body, emotions and sensations. During this massage we are going to re-establish a continuous flow of energy and relationship between these natural forces. The massage of 5 Elements an experiential journey, sweet and intense, in this case deep and touching manual skills chase each other ,provide a pleasant sensation of emotional and physical well-being. Relaxation and vitality.

The Tantra 5 Elements massage is composed in 8 stages: RECEPTION AIR WATER EARTH FIRE ETHER MANTRA CRADLE


200,00 Euro 90 min

Centro Massaggi Verona
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