Hot Stone On request

Civilizations and cultures thousands offì years old are always entrusted to the stones. For medicinal purposes and to rebalance chakras, or to act on vibrations of negative energy. And fire, and heat in general, have always been valuable allies also for therapeutic purposes...

The therapeutic action is obtained by applying basaltic and volcanic stones to the body, also with stones from the Ganges and the beds of other rivers. The stones slowly release their heat...

The stones are heated, usually in water, to 60 degrees. On the part of the body to be massaged is first applied an oil and then the part is manipulated thanks to the stones. Which in between time have been dried. When they have lost their heat they are replaced with other hot stones.

In general, this type of treatment is indicated in the case of: muscular, rheumatic or arthritic pains back pain stress insomnia depression

It is also indicated to improve circulation. But the therapy, especially when combined with aroma therapy, use of oils and massages, can also provide more specific benefits. Massage Hot Stone helps to loosen muscle stiffness, to improve joint mobility and relieve tension in the spine, main cause of painful and disabling back pain. Decongest lymphatic deposits, improve liquid retention and it positively affects arterial circulation, as well as improving venous return. Helps to detoxify the body, also unblocking metabolic exchanges. It also has aesthetic effects, because it smoothes and relaxes the skin. Inserted inside a body massage becomes a fairy hot body on your, plus stones...


250,00 Euro 70 minuti

Centro Massaggi Verona
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